The Three Pillars

of Homesfy


Our focus is our people. We put them first. We are not just bringing together the world's sharpest, most creative professionals across real estate, engineering, business, marketing, and design but also building one big family.

Our thoughtful initiatives and required learning & support aim to enlighten and encourage our homies to grow multi-folds. We provide an experimental platform to develop, innovate and hone their skills.

Here's an opportunity to upgrade & experiment with your expertise, and even though technology progresses, people's emotions & showing empathy towards them will always be our priority. Indeed you will love being part of Homesfy as we enjoy a perfect blend of work and fun.


We embrace change as required, provide holistic solutions and modify processes to offer the best for everyone. Through a structured approach, we ensure that the after-sales experience is as smooth as the sales process. From getting interest, attending to clients in minutes, understanding how things go ahead, to receiving the key, we have our customers' back.

We are a process-driven company efficiently working on lead management, overall sales and growing together to achieve excellence. Thus, everything designed here is simple and easy to grasp to avoid unnecessary commotion.


As a modern real estate platform, our products aim to serve customers and teammates. We ensure our every product works to build the trust gap between home buyers & sellers intelligently and seamlessly.

We have an in-house CRM to ease the lives of people around us, and our Home Loan service provides tailor-made loans to customers. The portal will change how agents, clients (home buyers), and developers navigate finding or selling a home. Our CRM and process go hand-in-hand, upgrading with change and including in our habits. We also give you the freedom to develop existing products or turn your ideas into reality.

Perks and Benefits

for our Homies

Homesfy is recognized by its people as an organization that treats its people with respect and dignity and supports its employees' creativity and innovative undertakings. The organization gives the team members a chance to prosper, the openness to share their ideas, and makes the team feel comfortable to share any new concepts which could be helpful for the business. This eventually boosts the energy levels of the people working here.

ESOPs well targeted towards Wealth Creation

Well-planned ESOPs for Team-mates making them owners in every right

Young Leaders Program

An opportunity for the young, bright minds to brainstorm with the Senior Leaders to bring about change in the system

BYOB - Be Your Own Boss program

We understand that many of us have commitments because we prefer working at our own pace and schedule. At Homesfy, we give you one such opportunity through our BYOB program, where you decide how you'd like to work- time, pace, etc. without compromising on the benefits you can avail yourself.

A well-defined Career Path

Careers have unpredictable ups and downs, but it's helpful to have an ideal career to provide a roadmap for your future. To help team members map out their careers, we at Homesfy have developed career paths that outline internal growth opportunities and job paths team members can take to further their careers within the organization.

Open Door Culture

We at Homesfy work as a big, closely-knit family, and hence reaching out to each other, including the Leadership team, never seems a big challenge. We do not believe in defining cabins, and if you happen to see anyone in a cabin, that could be mainly for calls, brainstorming, or because you need space to think.


It is a pleasure to have our furry friends cuddle with you in our pet-friendly Thane office. We believe working here is twice as enjoyable😊, fun, and healthy.

Health Coverage

All Homies are covered under a comprehensive medical insurance policy.

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave

We offer paid leave for men and women at Homesfy. This benefit even involves non-birthing parents in surrogacy, same-sex partners, and adoption cases.

Some of our

Emerging Leaders

Bipin More

Vidya Pawaskar

Chetan Verma

Satyakam Ghude

Sanjyota Arolkar

Ashutosh Mishra

Pooja Wagh

Vinayak Shinde

Jagruti Patil

Tejal Jadhav

Kanchan Hassija

Mary Raghvendra

Rohan Motghare

Sabia Khan

Anurag Singh

Satyam Singh

Swapnil Gowalkar

Bhavna Chug

Vaishali Pokale

Sampath Kumar

Sampada Pawar

Niranjan Das

Fatima Ramlawala

Dinesh Gurung

Sneak Peek of

Life at Homesfy